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This is a 4 page workbook that looks most beautiful when printed in color, but also looks great in black and white. Content is on 4 pages, meaning you can print on both sides of the paper, and condense your printing to 2 pages.  I recommend your students use color pencil when working on the lessons. 


Recommended Grade Level: 4th- 12th Grade. 

Even though I have recommended the grade level, I have taught this lesson to students as young as second grade. They were able to understand the concepts if you spend more time teaching it to them. Yet, at 4th grade, the students did not have a problem understanding these concepts at all, and made great class discussions for those that were unsure. 12th graders excel at this lesson, and use this as a jumping off point for other types of lessons.


Use this lesson to pair with another type of lesson. For instance, you can show the video and do the workbook as an addition for any kind of perspective lessons (Atmospheric, 1 point, 2 point 3 point + Perspective lessons). You can pair this with anything you think might help enhance your own lesson.


VIDEOS// HD and SD Versions

This is the same video as the version on YouTube (link here), except that it is without any YouTube jargon, and it is a downloadable file.



  • You can add it to a Powerpoint 
  • You can use it as a lesson for online learning.
  • You can upload it to any student portal as a homework assignment along with the student workpages, found here. 
  • Drop it into iMovie or another video editor, and add it to a video you made to aid in your lesson.
  • Play it on your smartboard 



This video does not contain any YouTube jargon.

Eliminated is:

  • Partial introduction, such as "This video is for..... "continues at 'The Atmosphere'.
  • Eliminated is, "If you have found value in this video ...Subscribe, Like, etc."
  • Eliminated is, "What are summers like where you're from? Tell us in the comments".
  • Eliminated is, "Art Teachers.....Workbooks....." continues at , "I will see you next time".

    Don't Draw a Sun//WORKBOOK + VIDEO


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